What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Let's Blog OffI tend to agree with Building Moxie in the aspect that the best advice is the advice which was heeded and produced the desired results.

One of the adages, or pieces of advice, that resounds in my mind is that of my husband’s grandfather, Clarence Willard.  He owned a local chain of restaurants in the 1930’s in Phoenix, AZ appropriately called, Willard’s.  During the depression he gave out free meals but his selling point was this: 5¢ for a cup of coffee, 5¢ for a bowl of chili, and 5¢ for a hamburger–he sold thousands a day. He believed in what we would now call a tagline so much that he had it painted on the side of his building:

“A fast nickel beats a slow dime.”

In construction, it is easy for us to only want to bid the glamorous jobs–you know the big jobs that take six to eight months to complete with fancy upgrades and all that. (Don’t get me wrong, we are more than happy to bid one for you.)

More often than not, what clients need most would be considered a “small job;” move a wall or two, build in cabinetry, put in a floor box for a voice/data under the reception desk.  These are those done on, what I would reluctantly call, “a shoestring budget.”  (My reluctance comes from the fact that “small” and “shoestring” seem to have a demeaning tone.)

The “fast nickel” jobs, by nature, are quick and frequent.  We recently completed a job that would fit in this category for Net-Systems, Inc.  We were proud to have been able to serve their budget, space, and time requirements.

This week’s topic — What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?



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4 thoughts on “What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

  1. I am hoping my bosses undeerstand this theory when they see the prices I am bout to start quoting. That is, I hope they see them because it will mean that I am selling stuff! Great post!

    Brenda Lynn


  2. A fast nickel only works if the raw materials don’t cost .06 :-) Otherwise, you are in the hole .01 with every sale and you’ll never make it up in volume no matter how hard you work. But I’ll take a cheaper, fast-paying client over a large, sloooooowww paying one any day as long as there is margin.


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