What’s my favorite color?

Let's Blog OffWhat’s my favorite color? Well, that just depends. Favorite color for what?

Cars? Depends on the car.  Not all cars look good in every color.

Walls?  Right now I like chocolate and tiffany blue.  My current wall color at home is a dark mauve which goes with the olive green and plum accents.

Clothes?  Ah.  My favorite color used to be yellow but, like most people, I couldn’t wear yellow to save my life.  I am a “summer” so the blues and greens with a few purples and one pink are my preferred choices.

Flowers?  Apricot roses, purple hydrangeas, and yellow tulips.

Appliances?  It used to be white until I realized how difficult it is to keep clean.  I think I would go for stainless steel or black if I were buying today.

Overall my favorite color is purple but it’s obviously not always applicable.

This week’s topic — What is your favorite color?

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