Client Kudos via Twitter – BeachCandy by BritB.

Among our variety of services, we also perform building surveys for clients who may consider leasing or purchasing a space.

It’s a bit exciting to have performed a survey for a local entrepeneur in beach fashion, BeachCandy by BritB.

We are humbled to have been the recipient of this tweet:

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Client Kudos – Earth Island Natural Foods

Earth Island Collage

We are proud to share a letter of recommendation from Earth Island Natural Foods for the recently completed project at their production facility in Chatsworth, California.

We wish to acknowledge the outstanding professionalism, and results, that were provided through you and your designated representatives.  The highest standards that you have established, and  your very efficient and supportive administrative staff, clearly combined to achieve the level of success that was realized for our project.  The subcontractors … were also very professional and efficient.
We would also like to acknowledge what a pleasure it was to work closely with your site superintendent, Mr. Mike Schnabel. His commitment to the quality of work, and adherence to project “target dates” established, are a testament to you and your company as a whole.
Ron M. Behar, Plant Manager

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Client Kudos – Landco, LLC

Carlsbad Research Center

Your input from the design phase through all the many steps necessary to accomplish the end result was both highly professional and outstanding.  I especially appreciate your understanding and navigation through the shoals and hazards of the assorted city agencies; a major challenge met!

- A. Gardner

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You can read more about the Carlsbad Research Center Project here.

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Client Kudos – Poly-Tak Protection Systems, Inc.

Repeat customers delight us to no end.  To us, that’s the best compliment.  Below is an excerpt of a letter of recommendation on the first project we completed for our client, Poly-Tak Protection Systems, Inc., with a photo of their new building which was our second project for them.  Stay tuned for more details on that project.

“Throughout the project you kept Poly-Tak informed about the building process, stages of completion, code issues, and cost budgeting. You met our expected timeline and the quality of the craftsmanship was extremely good.”

Douglas Cwiertnia, President, Poly-Tak Protection Systems, Inc.

1301 Santa Fe Drive, Tustin

1301 Santa Fe Drive, Tustin

Read more of his letter here.

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Client Kudos – Insight Investments, Inc.

Insight Investments 7012 Belgrave Garden Grove

Insight Systems Exchange - 7012 Belgrave, Garden Grove, CA

“We were impressed with the degree of customer service you provided in keeping us informed and involved throughout every stage of this project.  Your input and recommendations on various issues, proved invaluable.”

Richard Heard, President

Insight Investments, Inc.

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Client Kudos – Moson Properties, Inc.

17101 Murphy, Irvine

“Riggins Construction has worked with us numerous times with our adjoining property and was our first choice to build our warehouse.

Believe it or not, we never attended the site during construction…

I was able to remain here in Vancouver [B.C.] until the final inspection.”

Dale Moscovitch, President

Moson Properties, Inc.

Read more of his letter here.

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