Everybody Poops, Everybody Toots, But We Like to Do it In Style


ADA Compliant Restroom - After Renovation

ADA Compliant Restroom – After Renovation

Imagine group of kids ranging in age from four to ten years old. A wave of giggles starts in the back corner while you’re teaching, oblivious to the apparent two-dimensional offense. Yep. Somebody passed gas, or as one of the kids will inevitably shout, “He farted!” causing the rest of the group to erupt in laughter almost as violently as Mt. Vesuvius reigned down terror on Pompeii.

Hopefully, most of us have grown out of the giggles, but we have to do what we have to do. The thing is, we like to do it in nice places where we feel safe and clean.

Selling a restroom addition or upgrade to a home owner usually isn’t an insurmountable obstacle. The fact of the matter is that upgrading or adding facilities increases a home’s value. That’s money in the bank.

“According to RealEstate.com, a new full bathroom adds around 20 percent to a home’s value.” ~ Tony Guerra, “How Much Does a New Bathroom Increase the Value of a House?

From pink marble bathrooms to full-spa accommodations, luxury bathrooms are not new. Not only can you buy a multi-function toilet from Toto for about $6,500, there’s even a water closet (that’s construction jargon for toilet) made out of gold that costs around $5 million. Now that’s a throne!

Homes, we get. That’s where we spend a lot of our time primping and prepping for the day or relaxing at night. But what about retail establishments and workplaces? Continue reading

Fitch Warehouse for Landco, LLC

Fitch Warehouse Before and After Shots

Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. was contracted by Landco, LLC to restore these warehouse facilities after a long-term tenant’s lease expired.

A set of warehouse restrooms, including two showers, and a janitor’s slop sink served the industrial tenant for well over a decade, but needed restoration.

A new janitor’s sink and fiberglass reinforced paneling was installed in the janitor’s closet including code-required earthquake strapping on the water heater.

Tiles were replaced to match existing in the shower and sink areas. Sinks received new chrome faucets and drain strainer covers as did the showers.   We also relocated and installed new shower mixing valves to meet current ADA code in the two showers.

Repainted walls and a recoated epoxy floor finish made these areas shine.

We are always pleased to not only meet the client’s budget and time schedule, but to provide a finished product ready for a new tenant.

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Carnoustie Sportswear

Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. was contracted as the Design-Builder to completely renovate this building located within the Irvine Business Complex both inside and out. The building had not been updated since its conception back in the early 1970’s.

The exterior renovation included adding a stacked stone pop-out entry element with an aluminum-banded eyebrow and matching linear metal soffit to give the entry an updated look. The old, dark bronze aluminum center-glazed storefront system was replaced with new front-glazed, vertical silicone butt-jointed storefront with horizontal banding and medium performance green glazing.

This storefront theme was carried into the interior office walls to maximize natural light in the open office areas from the exterior. Additional windows were added on both the south and west elevations for additional light into the building.

The landscaping and irrigation was completely replaced. In addition, the building was given both a new roof and 17-1/2 tons of new HVAC equipment.

The interior was completely gutted of its original offices and approximately 4,500 SF of new office improvements were added. Ceilings were placed at 12’ and 14’ above finished floor to give the office an open feeling and indirect/direct lighting installed.

The lobby, which includes plenty of stone and tile as well as mahogany laminate wall paneling, has, with aluminum banding, carried into the building the sleek, minimalist linear style that adorns the exterior storefront.

We are proud of this stylish, up-to-date facility.

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Renovate 22 Restrooms for TAIS

Before & After

“The reality is that public restrooms matter to the public. The way a business or building treats its facilities is a reflection of its operating standards.”


Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. was contracted to renovate and upgrade twenty-two existing multi-fixture restrooms for Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

Restrooms present unique design challenges as they are often neglected, yet are frequently affected by changes in the building code. As a design-build contractor, we were able to work directly with the architect to ensure that every need of the client was met.

We are always pleased to not only meet the client’s deadline, using a three-phase restroom renovation schedule which facilitated the continuance of the daily business operation, but to provide an aesthetically-pleasing finished product.

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Sawcut to Storefront

The Dr - Independent Service

The Dr - Independent Service

Riggins Construction & Management is honored to have performed dramatic design-build tenant and exterior building and site improvements for a 20,000 square foot, run-down and overstocked pottery supply warehouse, subsequently transformed into a beautiful auto showroom and automotive service center, The Dr – Independent Service.

More information on this project is here.

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Fisker Automotive, Inc.

Fisker Automotive, Inc.

Fisker Automotive, Inc a progressive, plugin (hybrid) luxury sedan company.

Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. is pleased to announce the renovation of this 28,274 square foot commercial office building, previously customized for Irvine Photographics. This design-build project was divided into four phases allowing the tenant to move in quickly, providing flexibility for their ongoing business operation.

The front lobby was entirely redesigned. What was previously a front counter, lunchroom, and office area was converted to a large media / conference room with a motorized projection screen, a generous break room, and a spacious office showcasing the replica of their luxury performance sedan. New 3′ and 5′ clear tempered glass doors flanked by custom sidelights completed the entry to allow the tenant access to the lobby for displaying their sedan.

The lobby’s 1,300 square foot floor was upgraded to 5/8” horizontal, solid-bamboo natural flooring while the remaining office areas received designer carpeting. Static dissipative tile, which disperses static electricity to increase safety and prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment, was installed in the upstairs IT room, while heavy-traffic hallways received VCT.

Custom cabinetry and countertops were installed in the nearly 1,000 square foot expanded break room. Custom cabinetry and glass partition walls were placed throughout the new executive office areas creating a spacious environment. Continue reading