ADA Compliance Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Single Use RestroomsYou wake up in the dark hours of the night in a cold sweat reeling from the nightmare. You’ve been in a car accident and now you’re assigned to a wheelchair. Will you be able to keep your job?

For thousands of Americans this isn’t just a nightmare; it’s their reality. Whether permanent or temporary, disabilities can become a challenge in the workplace. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has instituted a number a code reforms that continuously evolve to meet a variety of needs.

You may not be aware that these codes affect your building from the required path-of-travel from the city street through the parking lot to the landing at your door, from the type of doorknobs to the type and placement of switches and so on.

Restrooms, for example, happen to be a small room that are heavily affected by these codes.  Even if the tile countertops are beautiful and the floors are polished, their height might not be code-compliant or the mirror may be hung too high.  You see, it’s not the beauty that counts,  it’s how they measure up.

For instance, if your warehouse has a set of single-use restrooms that haven’t been upgraded since 1980, they may not be large enough to comply with ADA/HC accessibility. Generally, single-use restrooms must be a minimum of 6′-7″ x 6′-9″ if the door swings out or 6′-7″ x 7′-10″ if the door swings in.

Because we specialize in design-build, we are accustomed to presenting solutions that will both put you into compliance with code and meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

For further consultation on your individual project, please give Tom a call at (714)  953-6333.

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Buying a Building is a Risky Business – Get a Survey First


Risk. We all crave it to one extent or another. Whether we surf 20′ waves, mountain bike on a narrow path in the dark, or cross the street where there’s no crosswalk, risk is part of our daily lives. And, to be truthful, every decision has a degree of risk.

An example of a low-level risk is when you’re at a diner. You could order the cheeseburger with onion rings and run the risk of an upset stomach. The risk is whether or not the momentary pleasure is worth future discomfort.

People often say the “bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.” That may be true but the risk is still big in that scenario.

When you start looking for a building, presumably with your real estate broker, emotion sets in. You may feel charmed, intrigued, and, well, ready to make the deal. Endorphins kick in. Like eating the cheeseburger and savoring all of its flavors, you have now entered the lizard brain zone where logic is not welcome. Continue reading

How to Pick My Brain – Six Business and Marketing Blogs I Actually Read

Six blogs I actually read - a screenshot from Safari.

Six blogs I actually read – a screenshot from Safari.

Social Media Junkie?
Self-Improvement Nut?
I’ve certainly been accused as much.

Well, if you want to pick my brain, you can read this blog; even better, go to the source.

So what kind of material do I read? I read quite a lot of blogs. As for paper books, I have a few marketing and productivity books both on my shelf and in my reading queue.

On the list of reading material also includes trade magazines that come in the mail, yes, that are made of actual paper. Sometimes, you just have to give your poor eyes a break from the blue screen. Perhaps I’ll feature some of those periodicals in a future post.

Information comes at us, especially Twitter users, at break-neck speeds. There are two primary ways that I cut through the clutter to get to the good stuff.

Disclaimer: I read a lot of different blogs. These are the ones that I consistently read related to marketing, business, productivity, and time management. Continue reading

Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape, Don’t Spit Into the Wind, and Don’t Neglect Roof Maintenance


Got wrinkles?  The mineral capsheet is buckling. If you see this, most likely, roof maintenance is not for you. It's time to consider a replacement.

Got wrinkles? The mineral capsheet is buckling. If you see this, most likely, roof maintenance is not for you. It’s time to consider a replacement.

Remember that old song by Jim Croche? (Boy was he a great storyteller!)  In “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim,” he tells this story full of caution about a neighborhood bully.

Cautionary tales are great. They help reinforce good behavior and ideals.  One of those is roof maintenance.

Before I came to Riggins Construction and Management, Inc. in 2006, I spent six years in the roofing industry.  Since 2000, I’ve seen my share of horror stories.

The roof is often a neglected part of any building. Why? It’s simple: out of sight means out of mind.  The average office manager isn’t going to peek her head up through the roof hatch and give it a good look-see. Continue reading

On Hold? Don’t Leave Them Hanging: An Office Manager Tip

Do you answer phones for several people in an office?  Sure, that is often relegated to the receptionist, if your office is large enough, but it’s a skill that we should all possess.

And, to be frank, either people are becoming more rude or we’re no longer teaching phone skills.  Obviously, they are not pre-installed.

Recently, I was put on hold, mind you it’s a normal part of life, but not only was there only silence on the other end, but no one checked up on me for ten minutes.  I almost hung up.

Seriously?  Would you ignore someone if they showed up for an appointment in person? Continue reading

Project Profile: RBC Lubron Bearing Systems

RBC LubonRiggins Construction & Management, Inc. was contracted as the Design-Builder to repurpose this tired warehouse / office space into a functioning, specialty bearing manufacturing plant.

The City street was excavated (and repaved) to install a 6”ø pipe that tapped into the existing 12”ø water main on the north side of Lawson River Avenue. This was done to add fire sprinklers to the building. Furthermore, an extension to the 6” detector check assembly for fire protection was installed.

We removed landscaping in the front of the building to make room for an ADA-compliant ramp. We then re-landscaped, repaved, striped, and installed signage for the two new handicap stalls at the east elevation. We also added a handrail to the front stairs and met path-of-travel requirements from the parking area to the front door.

All cracks in the concrete tilt-up panels were structurally repaired via epoxy injection method. The entire warehouse was painted and accented with a royal blue wainscot. The concrete floors were also repaired. Continue reading

Digital Influence Panel – You Are What You Tweet

our business cardsHere is the recording of my talk “You Are What You Tweet” from the ACEC California‘s Digital Influence Panel at their annual conference 4/10/13.

I mention and Burgin Construction Inc. as my first AEC connections as well as SafetyTeddi and WindowWorks.  Another shout-out was given for CustomerSpecs‘ clever use of tea in #MarkeTea.


“When you have a relationship with a person, the logo has meaning.”  Tweet This

I also reference the customer service experience we had with one of the employees of Earth Island Natural Foods discussed in this blog post.

Continue reading

Branding: A Lasting Impression

Untitled by Felipe Lordello

I’m sitting at lunch with friends just the other day and I was asked the question,

“What is branding?”

Branding is listening to a thirty-year old Michael Jackson song on the radio and recognizing the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo.

Branding is making a decision between using a restroom at a gas station or the restroom at a Starbucks.

Branding is being reminded of your beloved uncle when you smell pipe tobacco with a hint of cherry.

Is Branding A Logo?

Yes and no.

In many ways, branding is the connection of your sensual experiences.  When I see a Diet Coke can, I become thirsty. Why?  I remember the feel of a cold can in my hands, the sound the can makes when it pops open, the tickle down my throat, and the taste afterward.  All of those memories are tied into the Diet Coke logo.

Human history is full of seals, rings, flags, coats of arms, and crests used to distinguish families, tribes, and nations.  The human condition is curious; as much as we long for group acceptance, we still desire to be distinct and recognized. But I digress.

Although the etymology of branding is varied, we can all imagine a rancher using a hot iron to brand his livestock.  Each ranch had a distinct logo that made a permanent impression. Though originally intended to distinguish ownership, the logo reflected on the rancher, whether good or bad.

Your behavior as a company will be associated with your logo.  In this regard, the branding is the logo and the logo is the brand.

In my presentation, “You Are What You Tweet,” I gave the example that the Caltrop logo had no meaning to me until I met one of their employees, Mark DeSio.

“When you have a relationship with a person, the logo has meaning.” (Tweet This)

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What 7-Eleven and A Billboard Say About ROI

711-500sEveryone and their mom has written about social media and ROI.

For some reason, the social media skeptic tends to be fixated on this factor. Not surprisingly, I’m often asked what my return is for tweeting. After years of answering this question, I’ve settled on this analogy.

I tell them about a billboard and 7-Eleven.

On the major corner by our office, there is a billboard. The freeway and two major streets can see this billboard.

Coca-Cola is always advertising one of their many product lines on said billboard.  This billboard does not interact with you, it does not smile at you, it does not ask you questions.  It’s simply a large rectangle, in a vehicle’s direct line of sight, wallpapered with a visual advertisement. Continue reading

Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. – Book of Business Awesome Tour in OC

Bridget at the Book of Business Awesome Event 11/14/12Scott Stratten made a stop in Orange County on his Book of Business Awesome tour last night and boy did I ever get my money’s worth.

First of all, it’s refreshing to be reinforced by an “expert” on some of the theories and opinions I’ve come up with recently.

Secondly, it was good to just laugh. Scott has a way to make us laugh at ourselves and the things we do, especially with technology, that just do not make sense.

“We’re using tech because we can; not because we should.” Scott Stratten

The Linked Orange County event was very enjoyable and the cost was reasonable, especially because I bought my ticket during the initial stages of the event planning.

Here are some highlights in the form of my tweets:

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