A Second Look | A #LetsBlogOff Post

Let's Blog Off

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write on the week’s topic and bring it back around to construction, which has been most of the reason for my absence from this writing exercise.  This week’s topic, however, is too good to pass up.

The blogging challenge this week was to talk about something that has become everyday or commonplace.  Almost all of the technology that surrounds us these days at our workplaces has become just that.

We drive to work in the rain, using intermittent wipers without even one thought about the inventor.  We navigate on roads that were planned by engineers and built by people we’ve never met or consider.

We arrive at our offices, turn off alarm systems, turn on air conditioning on a digital keypad, and flip on the lights.  I, for one, don’t stop to consider how the electricitiy is being generated or pause in a moment of silence, lamenting Edison’s (first commercially practical) incandescent bulb or praising the fluorescent.

I no longer marvel at the speed and agility of our latest computer or its operating system; rather, I become upset when it becomes sluggish, costing us seconds of time.

Where Morse Code used to dominate the telegraph industry we text with our phones, person to person using QWERTY keyboards or artificial intelligence.  It’s not cool anymore; it’s expected, normal, and not worth discussing at the dinner table. Continue reading

Thumbtacks: The Call of Duty | A #LetsBlogOff Post

Thumbtacks. Push Pins. Map Pins. Temporary Fasteners.  They come in all colors, sizes, and shapes these days.

They’re amazing. They’ve been used for countless seating pranks yet adorn my office.  They were used since the time of Napoleon, perhaps for strategy purposes, yet they perform the lowly duty of displaying millions of pieces of children’s artwork on unassuming walls across this nation.

The blogging challenge this week was to make the mundane interesting.  That’s my entire job.  You may not think that the demise wall we constructed for you was interesting, it’s just a wall, right?  Not hardly.  It is a full-height, fire-rated demise wall.  It may seem ordinary, but during a fire you will see how special it is.

From the mundane to national security, thumbtacks have served their purpose for the last 200 some odd years without complaint.

Thumbtacks, and their cousins pushpins, are part of my daily life.  They serve to remind me of sales at Staples.  They hold sentiment and memories when they display greeting cards.  Not to mention city hall closure dates, Office Manager Tip ideas, and other inspirational odds and ends.  They get moved and repurposed all the time, without forward notice, without consideration of the thumbtack’s feelings.

Often they are blamed for holes in the walls, the loss of a security deposit, but it could easily have been the fault of staples or nails.  They get all the heat and none of the respect.  It seems to me that thumbtacks are always faithful to their call of duty.

Let's Blog Off

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